Beware of the Not so Good Deal..

What one person considers a good deal others may not. I have come across deals posted that say “Wow don’t miss this great deal” and I read on looking for the deal, yet I never find it. An example of this would be a deal I saw on another blog. The deal was $39 for 6 Tide 50oz bottles shipped to your home. Really? Are you kidding me? $6.50 a bottle that is not a good deal in my opinion. Even shipped to my front door.

Now at least once a month the drug stores have Tide on sale $6.00 a bottle, sometimes even $5. You more than likely wouldn’t even have to go out of your way. The drug store will usually runs a rewards program to go along with the sale as well. This could be Walgreen’s register rewards, Rite Aid’s +UP rewards, or CVS’s Extra Care bucks.

So once you combine the sales price and rewards program to your manufacturer coupons you will have a much better deal than $6.50 a bottle with little effort.

I have seen many more post like these especially when there are affiliate links involved. People will post something because they make money off of it even if it truly is not a good deal. Just a word to the wise.. Research the deals before you buy them to make sure that they are a good deal.

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