Costco Price List

These are the most recent Costco Prices.  Please remember prices can change at anytime and vary from store to store.


3-Berry 4lb $10.99 each

6-blend Fruit 6lbs $8.35

Acetaminophen 500mg 2-500ct $8.85 (compare to Tylenol)

Acid Reducer (Ranitidine) 150mg 190ct $8.69 each (compare to Zantac)

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries (Frozen Section) 4lb $6.59

AllerClear (Loratadine) 10mg 300ct $12.65 each (compare to Claritin)

Allertec (Cetirizine HCl) 10mg 365ct $15.49 each (compare to Zyrtec)

Almonds 2lbs, sliced $6.99

Almonds 3lbs, whole $9.79 each

Almonds, roasted & salted 2.5lb $8.89 each

American Slices, 5lbs $9.89 each

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Veggie Lasagna 6pk-9.5oz $15.59

Amy’s Organic Lentil Minestrone 8-15oz cans $12.39

Animal Crackers Organic 64oz. $8.29

Annie’s Chedder Snack Mix Organic 28 ct. $9.99

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks 24ct. $9.79 or $.40/pk.

Annie’s Organic Shells & Cheese 15pk-6oz $14.99

Apple & Eve Organic Juice Boxes 27-6.75oz. $9.59

Apples Sliced Organic 8-6oz. bags $7.99

Apricot 48oz $9.89 each

Arnold Whole Wheat Bread 2-24oz. $4.99

Arrowhead 24-23oz sport top bottles $4.32 each

Arrowhead 35-16.9oz bottles $4.28 each

Artichokes, marinated 65oz $8.59 each

Asparagus 2.25lb $4.49 each

Aussie Bites 30oz $7.99

Avocados 5ct. $6.99

Baby Carrots Organic 5lb. $5.29

Baby Spinach Organic 1lb $3.79

Back to Nature Peanut Butter Cookies 28.8oz. $7.99

Bacon, 4-1lb $10.55 each

Bagels 12ct $4.99 each

Baking Soda 13.5lb. $5.39

Baking Soda 13.5lbs $5.99 each


Ball Park 100% Beef Franks 5.25lbs (42ct) $11.51 each

Balsamic Vinegar 1liter $10.99 each

Bananas 3lbs $1.32 each

Barilla Pasta Whole Grain 8-13.25oz. $6.39


Beef Polish Sausage or Beef Franks 1/4lb ea, 3.81lbs $10.99 each

Beef Stew meat $3.49 per lb

Beef, canned 4-12oz $9.99

Better Than Bouillon Organic Beef Base 16 oz. $6.89

Better Than Bouillon Organic Chicken Base 16 oz. $6.89

Better Than Bouillon Organic Vegetable Base 16 oz. $7.69

Binders 6-1” $8.79, 4-2” $10.99, 6-1/2” $7.99

Bisquick 96oz $4.89 each

Black Forest Gummies 6lb. $5.99

Blue Agave Nectar Organic 2-23.4oz. $7.59 or $3.79/bottle

Blueberries 5lbs $11.49 each

Blueberry 20oz $8.79 each

Bolthouse Farms Kirkland Organic Carrot Juice 3-32oz. $6.99

Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino 2-32oz. $5.49

Boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts (Foster Farms) 10lbs $20.99 each

Boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts (Kirkland) 6.5lbs $15.25 each

Boscoli Family Italian Olive Salad 32oz $8.49

Bounty Paper Towels 12 rolls, 94 11×11 sheets, 947 sq ft $18.99 each

Bread, Greek Pita 10ct $2.39 each

Bread, Kirkland Butter Top 2-32oz $3.89 each

Bread, Sara Lee Hamburger Buns 24ct 4.5” $3.99 each

Bread, Sara Lee Hamburger Buns 32ct 4” $3.69 each

Bread, Sara Lee Hot Dog buns 32ct $3.15 each

Broccoli Florets 3lbs $3.99 each

Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate 2lb. $9.79

Brothers All-Natural Freeze Dried Fruit 20ct. $13.39

Burritos, El Monterey, 5oz 30ct $12.19 each

Butter 4lb $9.33 each

Butter Organic 2lb. $6.99

Butternut Squash Organic (cubed) 2lb. $3.99

Canned Air 12oz 6-pk $17.59

Canola Oil 1.25 Gal $8.99 each

Cantaloupe 3ct. $5.79

Cape Cod Kettle Chips 22oz. $4.49

Capers 25oz $4.99

Cardini’s Caesar dressing 2-32oz $6.99 each

Caribou Blend K-Cups 80 ct. Rainforest Alliance Certified $34.99

Carnation Instant Breakfast 30ct $8.42 each

Carrington Farms Organic, Extra-Virgin, Unrefined Coconut Oil 54 oz. $15.99

Carrots 10lbs (Organic) $5.49 each

Carrots Whole Organic 10lb $6.49 (stock up and freeze!)

Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars 56ct. $12.49 or $.45 cents per bar

Cashews 2.5lbs $14.99 each

Cat Litter, (Scoop Away) 42lbs $11.69

Cat Litter, scoopable (Litter Purrfect) 30lbs $7.39 each

Cetaphil cream 20oz $10.98 each

Cetaphil lotion 2-20oz $15.48 each

Chai Latte Concentrate 3-32oz $7.99

Charmin Toilet Tissue 30 rolls, 250 2-ply sheets $18.99 each

Cheddar Jack, shredded 5lb $10.99 each

Cheddar, block 2lb $4.65 each

Cheddar, block 5lb $10.99 each

Cheddar, shredded Tillamook 5lbs $12.95 each

Chedder Sharp 2lb $5.59

Cheesecake 72oz $12.99 each

Cherry 20oz $6.69 each

Chicken Apple Sausage All Natural 3pk. $12.99

Chicken Breast, canned 6-12.5oz $9.99

Chimichangas, 5oz 18ct $11.99 each

Chinet Dinner plates 10 3/8″ 165ct $15.15 each

Chinet Lunch plates 225ct $13.59 each

Chocolate Chips 10lb $16.99 each

Clementines 5lb. $5.99

Clif Bars 24ct. $17.65 or $.73 cents per bar

Clif Kids ZBar Organic 24ct. $10.79

Clif Organic Fruit Rope 24ct. $10.79

Clorox Bleach 3-182oz $7.88 each

Coffee Organic/Fair-Trade 2.2lb. $13.99 or $6.36 per lb.

Coleman Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $5.99/lb

Coleman Organic Chicken Thighs $3.99/lb

Coleman Whole Organic Chicken $2.29/lb

Contadina Organic Tomato Paste 12-6oz. $5.99

Contadina Organic Tomato Sauce 12-15oz. $7.15

Cookies, gourmet 24ct $6.49

Cotton Terry Towels 14×17 60pk $24.99 each

Couscous 5lb. $6.99

Craisins 48oz $6.99 each

Cream, heavy 0.5gal $7.09 each

Crisco shortening 6lbs $6.89 each

Croissants 12ct $5.99 each

Crumbled Bacon 20oz $9.99

Dates, pitted Medjool 2lb $8.49 each

Del Monte Organic Diced Tomatoes 8-15oz. $7.69

Dixie 8.5” Floral Plates 276ct $12.89 each

Dixie Paper Floral 16oz Cups 240ct $11.89 each

Dr. Kracker Klassic 3 Seed Organic Flatbread 24oz $7.89

Dried Fruit:

Dried Milk, Saco 8lb, 40qt $22.99 each

Drumsticks, thighs, or whole chicken $0.99 per lb

Dry Roasted Edamame 25oz. $5.49

Duracell 9V 8pk $13.99

Duracell AA 40pk $12.99 each

Duracell AAA 24pk $9.99 each

Duracell C 12pk $11.49 each

Duracell D 12pk $11.49 each

Duram Wheat Tortellini Pasta with Cheese 3lb. $7.99

Durex 48ct $9.79

ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent 210oz. $12.69

Edamame Organic 1lb 8oz. $4.99

Eggs Organic Cage-Free 24ct. $6.39

Eggs, 2doz $2.52 each

Eggs, 5doz $5.96 each

Eggs, Kirkland Egg Starts 6-16oz $8.99 each

Envelopes #10 500ct $5.59

Envelopes #10 500ct peel & seal security $9.49

Fage Greek Yogurt 2.2lb $5.79

Fage Greek Yogurt Multi-Pack 12-5.3oz cups $12.99

Feta $3.39/lb

Fine Granulated Organic Sugar 10 lb. $8.69

Flour, all purpose 25lbs $6.89 each

Flour, all purpose 50 lbs $13.49 each

Flour, Bread 50lb $13.99 each

Foam containers, 3-compartment 100ct $9.79 each

Foil Sheets 12×10 500ct $8.59 each

Folgers Classic Roast 48oz $8.98 each

Folgers Instant 16oz $8.29 each

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Crackers/Tortilla Chips (Gluten-Free) 24oz. $6.29

Food Should Taste Good Sea Salt Brown Rice Crackers 20oz $6.99

Freezer Paper 18” 1100’ roll $35.99 each

Frigo String Cheese 60-1oz $8.99 each

Frozen Organic Blueberries 3lb. $11.59

Frozen Organic Blueberries 4lb. $13.59

Frozen Organic Broccoli Florets 4-1lb bags $5.99

Frozen Organic Corn 5lb. $5.59

Frozen Organic Green Beans 5lb. $6.59

Frozen Organic Mixed Veggies 5lb. $5.59

Frozen Organic Raspberries 3lb. $9.99

Frozen Wawona Organic Freestone Peaches 4lb $7.79


Fruit Punch Organic Juice Boxes 32pk $9.59

G2 Gel pens Asst. 15ct $12.49

Garbage bags 10 gal, 500ct $8.79 each

Garbage bags 33 gal, 90ct $14.99 each

Garbage bags Yard & Leaf 45 gal, 100ct $18.99 each

Garbage bags, Kitchen drawstring 13 gal, 200ct $12.99 each

Gilt Edge Organic White Unbleached Flour 2-10lb. $10.99

Goat Cheese 16oz $4.69 each

Golden Organic Ground Flax 40oz. $8.89

Gourmet Jelly Beans 64 oz. $15.99

Grandma Sycamore Bread 2-24oz $3.76 each

Grandma Sycamore Bread, Wheat 2-24oz $4.06 each

Ground Beef 91% 5-1lb chubs $13.99 each

Ground Turkey $2.29 per lb

Half & Half 0.5gal $3.35 each

Ham, extra Lean 2-24oz $8.99

Hamburger 12% $2.50 per lb

Hamburgers 24-1/4lb (6lbs) $14.69 each

Han’s All Natural Chicken Sausage, Gluten Free 3lb. $13.79

Harry’s Organic Creamy Tomato Basil Soup 60oz. $9.99

Havarti, sliced 2lb $6.99 each

Healthy Choice Fudge Bars18ct $8.99 each

Hefty Foam 200ct $9.49 each

Hersheys Cocoa 23oz $5.59 each

Hersheys syrup 2/48oz $5.89 each

Hersheys syrup 7.8lb jug $6.69 each

Honey 6lb $13.89 each

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk 18ct. of 8oz tetra paks $13.65

Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk 18ct. of 8oz tetra paks $13.99

Huggies Pullups 2T-3T 88ct $24.97 (.284 each)

Huggies Pullups 4T/5T 66ct $24.97 (.378 each)

Huggies Size 2 – 258ct $39.99 (.155 each)

Huggies Size 3 – 228ct $39.99 (.175 each)

Huggies Size 4 – 200ct $39.79 (.200 each)

Huggies Size 5 – 176ct $39.99 (.227 each)

Huggies Size 6 – 144ct $39.99 (.278 each)

Huggies Wipes 1000ct $23.99 (.024 each)

Ibuprofen 200mg 2-500ct $8.99 (compare to Advil)

Ibuprofen IB 200mg 750ct $6.45 (compare to Motrin)

Iceberg 3ct $2.69 each

Instant Oatmeal Organic 55ct $9.99 or $.18 per pack

IZZE All Natural Sparkling Juice 12-12oz. $10.99

Jalapenos, sliced 2-32oz $3.59

Jet Dry Rinse 32oz $10.99 each

Kashi Blueberry Waffles with Omega-3 48ct. $11.99

Kashi Chewy Granola Bars 25pk. $10.79 or $.43/bar

Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal 51oz. $8.99

Kashi Toasted Oats 43oz. $8.89

Kashi Whole Grain Crackers 3-8oz. boxes $6.79

Kettle Brand Potato Chips with Sea Salt 32oz. $4.59

Kikkoman Soy Sauce 64oz $4.44 each

Kirkland 100% ground Columbian 3lbs $13.99 each

Kirkland 18oz red cups 240 ct $10.99 each

Kirkland AA 48pk $10.99 each

Kirkland AAA 48pk $12.69 each

Kirkland Baby Formula 36oz $16.49

Kirkland Cat Food 25lbs $16.99 each

Kirkland coffee: House Blend or Espresso 2lb $9.99 each (Roasted by Starbucks)

Kirkland dishwasher liquid 2-125oz $9.69 each

Kirkland Environmental Friendly (he) 180oz (120 loads) $13.59 each

Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Liquid Dish Soap 135oz. $8.89

Kirkland Environmentally Friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent 186oz. $12.99

Kirkland Fabric Softener (174 loads) 150oz $8.65 each

Kirkland Fabric Softener Sheets 2-246ct $8.49 each

Kirkland laundry detergent liquid ultra 2x (he) 186oz (120 load) $13.99 each

Kirkland laundry detergent powder 28lbs (200 loads) $13.49 each

Kirkland MultiGrain Bread 2-28oz. $4.49

Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock 6-32oz. $10.79

Kirkland Organic Tortilla Chips 40oz. $4.59

Kirkland Paper Towels 12 rolls, 80 11×14 sheets, 1026 sq ft $14.99 each

Kirkland Pure Maple Syrup 32oz. $11.99

Kirkland Signature Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder 13oz $4.49

Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock 6pk-32oz $11.39

Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Milk 18ct. of 8.25oz tetra paks $11.99

Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Filippo Berio) 1.5ltr $8.89

Kirkland Signature Organic Plain Soy Milk 12 pack of 32oz tetra paks $13.99

Kirkland Signature Organic Ricemilk 12 pack of 32oz tetra paks $13.69

Kirkland Signature Organic Vanilla Soy Milk 12 pack of 32oz tetra paks $13.99

Kirkland Signature Whole Vanilla Bean 10ct. $11.99

Kirkland Size 1-2 – 216ct $29.99 (.139 each)

Kirkland Size 3 – 212ct $39.59 (.187 each)

Kirkland Size 4 – 186ct $37.99 (.204 each)

Kirkland Size 5 – 168ct $39.59 (.236 each)

Kirkland Size 6 – 135ct $39.59 (.293 each)

Kirkland Spiral Ham $2.35 per lb

Kirkland Toilet Tissue 36 rolls, 425 2-ply sheets $17.99 each

Kirkland Ultra Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent 186oz. $13.39

Kirkland water 15-1ltr bottles $3.45 each

Kirkland water 35-16.9oz bottles $3.49 each

Kirkland water 70-8.0oz bottles $6.85 each

Kirkland whole bean, Columbian, Sumatra, etc 3lb $16.99 each

Kirkland Wipes 900ct $18.99 (.021 each)

Krusteaz Pancake mix 10lb $5.99 each

Larabar Combo Pack (Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher) 18ct. $15.85

Lasagna 2-3lb $12.69 each

Laughing Cow 4-6oz $8.35 each

Lehi Roller Mills Flour 25lb $5.79 each

Lehi Roller Mills Wheat Bucket 45lbs $13.49 each

Lemon Juice 2-48oz $4.45 each

Lifeway Organic ProBug Whole Milk Kefir 12-50z pouches $12.49

Lint Rollers 5-95ct $9.99

Liquid Plumr 2-80oz $9.68 each

Lubriderm 2-24oz + 6oz $13.99

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 4-80ct $11.79 each

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4-32oz $7.09 each

Macadamia 24oz $13.99

Made in Nature Black Mission Figs Organic 32oz. $8.39

Made in Nature Organic and Unsulfured Antioxidant Dried Fruit Blend 18oz $9.59

Mango 30oz $10.59 each

Maple Syrup Organic 25.36oz. $18.69

MaraNatha All Natural Roasted Almond Butter 26oz. $5.79

Marble Jack, sliced 2lb $5.69 each

Mary’s Gone Crackers (Organic & Gluten Free) 20oz  $6.99

Masters Buttermilk Bread 2-24oz $2.99 each

McCormick Organic Basil 2.85oz. $3.15

McCormick Organic Oregano 2.5oz. $3.99

McCormick Organic Rosemary 3.5oz $4.15

McCormick Organic Thyme 3oz $5.35

Meatballs, frozen 6lbs $13.99 each

Microfiber polishing towels 16×16 36pk $15.89 each

Milk Organic 1% or Whole 3-64oz. $9.99

Milk, 1% 2-1gal $3.79 each

Milk, 2% 2-1gal $3.96 each

Milk, skim 2-1gal $3.55 each

Milk, whole 2-1gal $3.96 each

Mini-Pretzels 6lbs $5.29 each

Minsley Organic Cooked Brown Rice 6-7.4oz $6.99

Mixed Nuts with Macadamia 2.5lbs $11.59 each

Morningstar Farms Breakfast Veggie Patty 24ct-2lb $10.69

Moz/Prov./Cheddar mix 5lb $11.49 each

Mozzarella Shredded 5lb $11.39

Mozzarella, block 6lb $11.95 each

Mozzarella, shredded 5lbs $10.69 each

Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup 2-64oz $6.25

Mrs. Mays Trip Natural Bars 20ct. $14.99

Muenster, sliced 2lb $5.95 each

Muffins 12ct $6.79 each

Mushrooms 24oz $3.99 each

Naked Juice Blue Machine 2-32oz. $6.99

Napkins 4-330ct $7.99 each

Naproxin Sodium 220mg 400ct $12.99 (compare to Aleve)

Nature’s Path Ancient Grains Organic Granola 2-17.6oz. $6.99

Nature’s Path Organic Hot Oatmeal 32ct $9.49 or $.30 per pack

Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch Granola 26.4oz $6.99

Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Organic Granola 2lb. $7.19

Nesquick48oz $6.59 each

Nestle Chocolate chips 72oz $8.99 each

Newman’s Own Organic Dressing 2-24oz. $6.79

Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend K-cups 80ct $36.89

Nutella 2-26oz $8.95

Oberto Jerky 2-9oz $11.99 each

Odwalla Combo Pack 10-12oz. $9.99

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 2-2liter $19.69 each

Olives, black xl 8pk $8.39 each

Olives, Spanish 2-21oz $8.45 each

Omeprazole (Omeprazole) 20mg 42ct $17.89 each (compare to Prilosec)

Orange Juice 6-16oz $9.99 each

Orange Juice Organic 1 Gallon $6.99

Organic Ground Beef 3lb $12.99

Organic Peanut Butter 2-28oz $7.79

Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn 40ct $9.89

Pace 2-38oz $4.99

Pacific Chicken Broth Organic, Free Range 6-32oz. boxes $9.99

Paper Plates 9″ 1200ct $17.89 each

Papermate Med. Pt pens 108ct $7.39 each

Parmesan, shredded 3lb $10.89 each

Pasta Prima Organic Spinach & Cheese Ravioli 36oz $9.99

Peanut Butter Organic 2-28oz. $7.79

Peanuts, in shell 5lbs $5.19 each

Pecans 2lb $14.99 each

Pencils No.2 96ct $7.79 each

Pepper Jack, sliced 2lb $6.99 each

Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain Bread 2-24oz. $4.49

Pepperoncini 2-42oz $5.69 each

Pine Nuts 24oz $16.99

Pinto Beans 25lbs $11.37 each

Pistachio 3lb $14.99 each

Pita Pal Organic Original Hummus 32oz $5.99

Pita Pal Organic Red Pepper Hummus 2pk-17oz $6.49

Pita Pal Organic Red Pepper Hummus Snack Pack 16ct $5.79

Pizza, Take & Bake 16″ 45oz $9.99 each

Plastic Forks, Knives, or Spoon 500ct $8.79 each

Plums 50oz $5.79 each

Pom Wonderful Pomegranate Juice 60oz. $9.99

Pork Sirloin Tip Roast Loin, boneless $1.99 per lb

Pork, Boneless Top Loin Chops thick cut $2.89 per lb

Potstickers 4.2lbs 60ct $9.99

Provolone, sliced 2lb $6.69 each

Pure Vanilla 16oz $6.75 each

Quaker Oats, 10lbs $6.89 each

Queso Fresco 2-16oz $6.99 each

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 30 rolls, 276 3-ply sheets $17.99

Quinoa Organic 4lb. $9.39 or 2.35/lb. (BEST PRICE)

Quinoa, Organic 4lbs $9.99

Raisins, Organic 2-2lb $6.99

Ravioli, 4-cheese 4lb or Spinach & Mozzarella 3.5lb $9.49 each

Real Lemon 2-48oz. $4.99

Red Vines licorice 5.5lb tub $7.83

Rice Works Chips 20oz. $5.99

Rice, Basmati 20lbs each $19.99

Rice, Brown Short Grain 12lb $13.99

Rice, Calrose 25lb $11.49 each

Rice, Calrose 50lbs $21.99 each

Rice, Jasmine 50 lbs $29.99 each

Rice, Long Grain 25lbs $9.25 each

Rice, Long Grain 50 lbs $17.96 each

Rice, Minute 72oz $4.98 each

Romaine hearts 6ct $2.99 each

Rotisserie Chicken 3lbs $4.99 each

Sabra Hummus (various flavors) 32oz. $5.99

Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Pistachios Mix (Gluten Free) 15oz $10.99

Salad Mix 3lbs $2.29 each

Salmon Burgers 12ct (3lbs) $14.79 each

Salmon, Farmed Atlantic $7.99 per lb

Salsa Organic 66oz. $5.99

Salt 25lbs $3.45 each

Sambazon Organic Acai Juice 2-32oz $9.99

San Francisco Bay whole bean French Roast 3lb $12.99 each

Sandwich Rolls 12ct $2.19 each

Seapoint Farms Edamame Energy Blend 34oz $8.99

Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa and Rice 6-8.5oz. $11.49

Sheet Protectors 250ct $11.69

Silk Pure Almond Milk 3-64oz. $7.69

Silk Soy Organic Vanilla 3 1/2 gal $6.99

Similac Baby Formula 34oz $25.89

Skinny Cow 20ct $9.79 each

Skippy Peanut Butter 2-48 oz $8.39

Smoked Almonds 38oz $8.69 each

Soft Soap anti-bacterial 2-80oz $7.99 each

Soymilk Organic 12pk-32oz $12.29

Spinach 2.5lbs $3.99 each

Spray ‘n Wash 22oz trigger + 144oz refill $8.49

Spring Mix Organic Salad 1lb. $3.99

Stephens Hot Chocolate 4lbs $8.69 each

Stevia 400ct. packets $9.79

Stock Pot Organic Vegetarian Chili with Four Beans 2-24oz. $9.99

Strawberries 2lbs $4.99

Strawberries 6lbs $8.89 each

Strawberry Jam Organic 42oz. $6.99

Straws 1500ct $4.89 each

Sugar in the Raw 6lb. $7.69

Sugar Snap Peas 2lbs $5.79 each

Sugar, Brown 25lb $17.45 each

Sugar, Brown 4lb $3.25 each

Sugar, powdered 4lb $3.25 each

Sugar, powdered 50lb $32.79 each

Sugar, white 10lb $6.05 each

Sugar, white 25lb $14.99 each

Sugar, white 50lb $25.99 each

Sushi 16ct $6.79

Swedish Fish 3.5lb $5.89

Swiss Miss 60ct each

Swiss Miss NSA 60ct $6.79 each

Swiss, sliced 2lbs $7.65 each

Taffy 4.5lb $6.49

Tazo Organic Iced Green Tea 12ct. of 13.8oz bottles $12.79

Texmati Brown Rice Organic 6lb $9.39 or $1.56/lb (same price as Walmart’s regular brown rice)

Thomas English Muffins Whole Grain 18pk. $5.99

Tide laundry detergent (he) 170oz (81 loads) $20.99 each

Tide laundry detergent 170oz (81 loads) $19.99 each

Tide laundry detergent powder 317oz (180 loads) $26.99 each

Tilapia fillets $5.99/lb

Tillamook Colby Jack 2.5lbs $6.89 each

Tillamook Medium Cheddar 2.5lbs $6.89 each

Tillamook Monterey Jack 2lbs $5.69 each

Tillamook Pepper Jack 2.5lbs $6.44 each

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar 2.5lbs $7.38 each

Tomatoes, Sundried marinated 32oz $7.59 each

Tortillas, corn 100ct $2.49 each

Tortillas, flour 10” 36ct $3.95 each

Tortillas, uncooked 8″ 44ct $6.79 each

Trail Mix 4lb $10.99

Tree Top applesauce 4-47.25 oz $8.89

Tree Top Organic Apple Sauce Cups 36 ct – 4oz cups $9.99

TruRoots Organic Sprouted Bean Trio (Gluten-Free) 3lbs. $9.69

TruRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Organic Blend (Gluten-Free) 3lb. $9.99

Turkey Bacon, 2-1.5lb $9.99 each

Turkey Breast 98% Fat Free, 3-14oz $8.99 each

Turkey Breast, canned 4-12.5oz $8.79

Turkey Burgers 12-1/3lb $10.69 each

Veggie Platter 4lbs $9.99

Veggie Straws 20oz. $4.79

Velveeta 2-2lb $9.28

Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette All Natural 2-33.77oz. $6.79

Vinegar (white) 1.3gal $3.29 or $.02 cents per oz

Vinegar 2-1gal $3.35 each

Vita Coco Coconut Water 12-11.2oz. $14.69

Vita Coco Coconut Water 6-1 liter bottles $19.99

Walnuts 3lb $13.59 each

Wax Paper sheets 2-500ct $9.99

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Canned 6ct. $10.99

Windex 32oz trigger + 172oz refill $11.49 each

Xagave Organic 1 Gallon $29.99

Xagave Organic 36oz. $11.99

Yeast, Red Star Active 32oz $3.89 each

Yoshida’s sauce 63oz $6.89 each

Ziploc Freezer gallon 4-38ct $10.29 each

Ziploc Freezer quart 4-54ct $9.45 each

Ziploc sandwich 4-125ct $7.97 each

Ziploc Zipper 60 gallon + 80 qt $9.99 each

Zone Perfect All Natural Bars 24ct. $18.89 ($5 coupon in Costco May Coupon Booklet – Limit 5)

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  • OH MY WORD THANK YOU. I don’t have a costco membership, but i have wanted to compare some of the hot deals I have been finding on Amazon to costco prices. I am bookmarking this page!!

    • admin:

      You’re quite welcome. I don’t make it to Costco often but will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

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