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Helping Other Couponers

melissatip Helping Other Couponers

Helping Other Couponers

Remember what it was like to be new? Maybe you’re a new couponer, period! Well, this tip helps out other couponers around.

Take coupons that near expiration, or coupons you know you will not use and leave them by the product in the grocery store. I am sure at some time you saw a coupon sitting next to a product and picked it up because you where buying that product.

Give back to other couponers, the more you do this, it will prompt others to do it also. This helps spread the savings even further!

New Help Pages & Information

We have been asked a lot of questions and figured if one person was questioning something, maybe there are others who have the same questions. So we created a few new pages.

Understanding Our Ad Match Ups

How to Obtain Coupons

Stockpiling 101

Coupon Organization 


Please let us know if you have any other Questions or areas you may need help with.





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